Supply Options


Rider S (System Gas Service) is available to all residential customers and those non-residential customers that do not wish to procure gas supply through a Retail Gas Supplier.  

Rider T is available to those non-residential customers who purchase their own natural gas and deliver it into Ameren Illinois' distribution system.  The customer or the customers supplier, as applicable is responsible for acquiring gas supply and delivery of those supplies to Ameren Illinois' Citygate.  The cost to acquire gas and deliver it to the Ameren Illinois delivery system is at the supplier's or customer's expense.

If you're interested in enrolling into Rider T, to be effective May 1st enrollments must be submitted during the annual enrollment period which typically commences in mid-February.  Please call Ameren Illinois at 1.800.232.2477 for more information.

For more information on your supply options see our Non-residential Natural Gas Service Tariffs under Supply Options.

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