Terms and Definitions

Bank - A repository of natural gas held on behalf of a customer for later use.  This gas can be used to supplement under deliveries or receive over deliveries made to a customer on either a daily or monthly basis.  See Rider TBS.

Bank Default - If no Bank Election is made by the customer, Ameren Illinois will default the monthly balanced customer's Bank Election value to five (5) times the MDCQ and the daily balanced customer's Bank Election value to zero (0) times the MDCQ.

Bank Election - The Bank Election is an amount of bank service a customer elects each year.

Bank Election Factor (BEF) - Number of days of bank a customer would like to hold

  • 0-15 for daily balanced accounts
  • 5-15 for monthly balanced accounts

Bank Limit - The Bank Limit means the customer's maximum amount of banking service based on their Bank Election and any applicable prorated amount.  MDCQ x BEF = Bank Limit

Chicago Citygate Price - Chicago Citygate Price means the price published in the Platt's Gas Daily under the Citygates section for the "Midpoint for the Chicago Citygate," or in the absence of such publication, the price for a substantially similar point published in an alternate publication.

Citygate - The point of interconnection between Ameren Illinois and Final Pipeline Transporter(s) where gas is delivered to Ameren Illinois.

Critical Day - A day during which Ameren Illinois declares a Critical Day at its discretion for gas system conditions such as (1) Ameren Illinois experiences failure of transmission, distribution, or gas storage facilities, (2) when Ameren Illinois experiences transmission or distribution, system pressures or other unusual conditions which jeopardize the operation of Ameren Illinois' gas system, (3) when the Company's transportation, storage, or supply resources are being used at or near their maximum rated, tariffed, or contractual limits, (4) when any of Ameren Illinois' transporters or suppliers declare the functional equivalent of a Critical Day or force majeure conditions, or (5) other conditions which jeopardize the system integrity and/or system reliability.  Ameren Illinois' may utilize a Critical Day by customer, by area, by interstate pipeline or any combination thereof.

Deliveries - Therms of customer-owned gas, if any, which a customer or a supplier designates for delivery to customer's premises for the day.  Such deliveries shall reflect adjustments for UGF (unaccounted for Gas Factor).

Direct Access Switching Service Request (DASR) - A request used by the company or supplier to process enrollments and drops.  

Drop - Term used when an RGS discontinues supplying service to a customer.

Dual Bill - A billing option for customers who choose to take gas supply from an RGS.  The customer will receive two bills:

  • One from the RGS for gas supply
  • One from Ameren Illinois for gas delivery charges and any other applicable charges.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI) - The electronic communication tool used by suppliers and Ameren Illinois to exchange business information in a standardized format.  These communications are used for the processing of customer enrollments and the exchange of customer information (including meter, billing, and payment data) between the customer, utility, and suppliers.

Election Period - The Election Period is when the customer supplier must notify Ameren Illinois of their bank election. Annual deadline for notification of bank election is no earlier than 45 calendar days and no later than 12 business days prior to April 1st for banking service effective May 1st.  Once Ameren Illinois processes a valid bank election, Ameren Illinois shall provide written notice to the customer notifying them of the bank election and the opportunity to rescind the election within ten business days after the data on the notice.  Bank election shall be included in the enrollment DASR or modified via Ameren Illinois' web portal. 

Initial Bank Election - The initial bank election is the customer's first bank election as a new Rider T customer under Rider TBS.

  • Outside of election period - monthly balanced customers can select between 5 - 15 times their MDCQ. Daily balanced customer can select between 1 - 15 times their MDCQ.  Absence of a bank election will initiate the bank default.
  • Within the election period - bank elections will be subject to the banking service limit.  No bank election will initiate the bank default.  Bank elections may be subject to the bank limit proration.

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) - The maximum allowable operating pressure of Ameren Illinois' gas main.

Maximum Daily Contract Quantity (MDCQ) - The maximum volume of gas that Ameren Illinois is required to provide to the customer on any one day of operation.

Nomination - The notification by a supplier or customer self-manager, as applicable, to Ameren Illinois and pipeline, as applicable of deliveries for the day.  Nominations shall identify the applicable pipeline as well as DUNS number.

Operational Flow Order (OFO) - An order by Ameren Illinois to initiate actions by Ameren Illinois, customer, or customer's supplier to (1) alleviate conditions that threaten the integrity of Ameren Illinois' system, (2) help maintain system pressure required to provide efficient and reliable service to its system customers, (3) help assure adequate supplies, (4) maintain the balance of the system, and (5) help comply with an interstate pipeline directive such as uniformity of deliveries.  Ameren Illinois may utilize an OFO by Ameren Illinois, by area, by interstate pipeline or any combination thereof and for any specific time period.

Point of Delivery - An Ameren Illinois approved, single location where the customer's piping is connected to Ameren Illinois' service.

Pool Groups or Customer Group - A group of customers on Rider T, under the same supplier and served by the same interstate pipeline.

Rescind - Cancel a pending active switch to SGS, or to an RGS.

Retail Gas Supplier (RGS) - An entity that is registered with Ameren Illinois that provides gas supply in Ameren Illinois' service area and is responsible for gas supply delivered to a customer's account and/or service point.

RG-12 Form - This is a Gas Revenue and Gas Use Tax Affidavit that is provided by a customer to their supplier to prevent the supplier from charging a Gas Use Tax.

RG-61 Form - Gas Use Tax Exemption Certificate to be completed by the customer, so they can be exempt from the gas use tax.  This form is only used by Non-Residential customer billing Rider T. 

Rider S - System Gas Supply (SGS)

Rider T - Transport Gas Supply.  Available to any non-residential customer within Ameren Illinois service area served under GDS-2, GDS-3, GDS-4, GDS-5, or GDS-7.  Prior to commencement of service under this Rider Ameren Illinois will determine the customer's initial MDCQ.

Rider TBS - Transporation Banking Service.  Available to daily balanced customers taking service under Rider T.  All monthly balanced customers are required to take service under this Rider.

System Advisory - A notice Ameren Illinois issues to inform customers and/or suppliers, as applicable, of system issues and actions they must take to support system integrity.

Unaccounted-for-Gas Factor (UGF) - Unaccounted-for-Gas Factor means the factor by which Ameren Illinois will reduce customer-owned gas amounts delivered to Ameren Illinois.  The UGF will be calculated and filed with the Commission on or before June 1st to be effective November 1st and shall utilize information for the 12-month period ending March 31st.

Under Delivery - Under delivery occurs when a customer's usage is greater than the customer's deliveries. An under delivery is determined on a daily or monthly basis.

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