LED Street & Outdoor Lighting Upgrade Program

Ameren Illinois has launched a ten-year initiative to replace older outdoor street and area lighting with higher efficiency LED technology.

LED Streetlights 
In August 2017, Ameren Illinois began replacement of older outdoor street and area lighting with higher efficiency LED technology. The company plans to replace more than 305,000 units of company-owned lighting with LEDs throughout its service territory by 2027.

LEDs have become the driving force in the evolution of street lighting. The combination of improved nighttime visibility and safety, reduced maintenance/operational costs, no toxic chemicals and a decrease in carbon emission has made LED lighting a top consideration for customers and utility companies everywhere.

Program Overview

Ameren Illinois is upgrading older technology with LED lighting during a normal maintenance visit to a light at no cost to the customer. Normal maintenance includes replacing a burned out or damaged bulb. 

To help keep costs low, Ameren Illinois will not take a geographical approach and go community-by-community replacing lights. Doing so would increase the cost of installation.

The upgrade to LED includes a new fixture called a luminaire. The luminaire emits light at a temperature of 3000 Kelvin (K) which is the recommended color for streetlights based on guidance from the American Medical Association. At this temperature, the light produces a warm white glow similar to moonlight.

Lighting customers can opt to pay a $250 per fixture fee to have a particular fixture(s) upgraded to LED outside of normal routine maintenance or repair. 

Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency has incentives available to assist in these upgrades. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lights are extremely efficient, and they offer several other benefits over incandescent and CFL bulbs:

  • LED lights use Light-Emitting Diodes to produce light very efficiently. LEDs emit light in a specific direction, unlike incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit light and heat in all directions. For this reason, LEDs create light and use energy more efficiently in many applications and they produce more lumens (light) per watt than traditional lights.
  • LEDs will increase service reliability because they are expected to last three times longer than traditional bulbs and will require little maintenance over the first 15 years. And because of their longer life, they reduce landfill and bulb disposal costs. 
  • LEDs also save energy by using 55-65 percent less energy than older technology. They help protect the environment since less energy needs to be generated, which results in lower carbon emissions.
  • LEDs don't take time to warm up like traditional lights, they come on at full brightness.
  • LEDs lights don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury.

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