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Meter Upgrades in Your Community

Upgrading the electric and natural gas meter at your home or business is just one more way Ameren Illinois is improving your energy service. Over time, this new technology will provide information on the amount of energy you’re using and offer advice on small changes you can make to generate big savings.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Ameren Illinois meter at your home or business may be upgraded to an advanced meter. Simply put, it's a two-way device that allows us to exchange data. We can "talk" to the meter, and the meter can "talk" to us. These advanced meters help improve service reliability while offering more self-service conveniences for our customers.

To learn when the meters are likely to be upgraded in your community, please use the Advanced Meter Look-up Table below. This feature will give you an approximate year for meter upgrades in your area. 

Advanced Meter Look-up Table

Disclaimer: This schedule is subject to change. Customers scheduled for upgrades will be notified.

View a color-coded map for meter upgrades here. The gray-colored areas indicate advanced meters with one-way communications -- they simply "talk" to Ameren Illinois. No additional upgrades scheduled for the gray-colored areas at this time.

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