Infrastructure Improvements

Planned Projects 
We are investing in our infrastructure to strengthen and improve our electric and natural gas delivery system.  We are fortifying utility poles, installing automated switches and sensors, replacing distribution lines and gas transmission equipment and installing smart electric meters and natural gas modules throughout our 43,700-square-mile territory. These upgrades will improve service reliability and give customers information they can use to take control of their energy usage and costs.

Here's what customers can expect:

  • Enhanced reliability: Smart sensors and switches will detect and isolate outages, so we can restore service more promptly. Meanwhile, the advanced technology will help us pinpoint problems more precisely to reduce the duration and frequency of outages.

  • Convenience and service: Smart meters will give customers more tools and programs to better manage their energy usage and costs. 

  • Efficiency and savings: From an infrastructure improvements perspective, regulated voltage will optimize distribution and reduce power lost on the way to your home or business - saving money and minimizing waste. And proactive maintenance on poles and wires will prevent failures.

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