Application Process for Smart Grid Technologies

Ameren Illinois is investing in the future by offering on-grid testing services for entities who wish to develop new products, services or business models. Smart grid technologies include automation, remote control, information processing, distributed resources and two-way communications. This new service will provide the necessary infrastructure for application testing of new smart grid technologies.

Application Process
Ameren Illinois is committed to an open, objective and reliable process to receive, review and qualify proposals for the Smart Grid Test Bed. While the Company reserves its right to approve or reject an application based on its sole discretion, the following process and criteria will guide us all: 

An applicant desiring to have Smart Grid equipment, processes, systems or business models evaluated by Ameren Illinois will submit a completed initial application form and a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 to the Ameren Illinois - Technology Applications Center (TAC).



The TAC staff will review the initial application form for clarity and completeness, and adherence to the statutory and program requirements. If the application request is approved, the Smart Grid Test Bed staff will then send an Applicant a Supplemental Information Request Form, to obtain additional information about the specific applicant’s request. To begin analyses, an engineering fee of $400 must be submitted.

Once the Applicant and the TAC staff agree on the tests or analysis that will be performed, the Smart Grid Test Bed staff will provide a Services Agreement for the applicant's review and approval. Access to the TAC will require a signed agreement that contains acceptable provisions agreed to by the TAC Staff, including provisions relating to the risk of defective equipment or equipment that does not work as intended.

  • Present
    Ameren Illinois' testing infrastructure will provide applicants with the ability to connect their new products onto a live electric distribution system. The testing infrastructure includes 12,470 volt, 7,200 volt and 120/240 volt locations where application devices will be connected to provide the testing capabilities.
  • Future
    Ameren Illinois is developing additional testing infrastructure to provide applications with the ability to connect their new products onto live 69,000 volt systems as well as an additional 12,470 volt live electric distribution system in a partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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