Information for Smart Device Vendors


Ameren Illinois will be using our Technology Applications Center (TAC) located in Champaign, IL to validate functionality of ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 1.1 enabled Smart Devices (Home Area Network) equipment. At this time, Ameren Illinois is accepting completed forms from interested device vendors.  Please review the Smart Device Validation Policy before submitting your application. Ameren Illinois anticipates that the TAC will launch device testing in June 2015.

Ameren Illinois TAC will be validating that a device can successfully connect ("join") with Ameren Illinois' Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) i.e. SmartMeter™ in order to provide device users with near real-time energy use information. Ameren Illinois will only support issues relating to device connectivity to the meter, and does not validate or provide support for other device functionality. Customers must troubleshoot any functionality issues with the device vendor directly.  

How to Participate in the Smart Device Validation Program

Please submit your completed application form which includes the Device Submission Form, Application and Agreement, to

Your submission will initiate participation in the Smart Device Validation process outlined on the link provided above. Upon receipt, Ameren Illinois will review the application on a first-come, first-served basis. Ameren Illinois will also confirm receipt within 5 business days by replying to the device vendor via email with an assigned identification number.

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