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Distributed Generation

If you generate your own energy, you may be eligible for Distributed Generation with Ameren Illinois. Through Distributed Generation with Ameren Illinois, you can potentially offset your usage or even sell the energy you produce.

How to Qualify

  • Customer generators and interconnection equipment must be certified by nationally-recognized testing laboratories as meeting certain standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Underwriters’ Laboratory, and the National Electric Code.
  • A customer's generation facility must comply with all applicable laws, local ordinances, standards and regulations, including environmental. For customers using pre-certified equipment, an expedited interconnection process may be available.
  • In addition, all installations after Dec. 31, 2013 will be required to be self-installed or installed by a certified installer according to Part 468 Distributed Generation Installer Certification of the Admin Code.

Application Process


Pre-Applications are available for potential applicants. A potential applicant may submit a formal written request form along with a non-refundable fee of $300 for a pre-application report on a proposed project at a specific site. The EDC shall provide the pre-application data to the potential applicant within 20 business days after receipt of the completed pre-application report request form and payment of the $300 fee. The pre-application report produced by the EDC is non-binding and does not confer any rights; the potential applicant must file an application before it can interconnect with the EDC's system.

Part 466 Pre-Application Form

  Part 467 Pre-Application Form



Distributed Generation 25 kVa and less

Download, print, complete, and mail this application.

Distributed Generation Level 1 Application

Distributed Generation greater than 25 kVa to 10,000 kVa

Download, print, complete, and mail this application.

Distributed Generation Levels 2, 3, 4 Application

Distributed Generation of greater than 10,000 kVa

Download, print, complete, and mail this application.

Distributed Generation >10 MVA Application

Additional Needed Documents:

Send all completed application forms to:

Ameren Illinois Net Metering Coordinator
10 Executive Dr – Mail Code 910
Collinsville, IL 62234



Charges or Fees Associated with the Program

  • An application fee will be charged that varies based on the nameplate rating of the generator. Applicants will be required to pay an application fee, and any applicable study costs and costs to physically connect to the distribution system.
  • Small facilities that qualify for Net Metering (customers served under DS-1 and DS-2) will not be charged any costs for connecting the generator to the electric distribution system. For larger facilities, applicants may be required to pay for connection cost to the distribution system.
  • Review the Distributed Generation Checklist.
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