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Stock Transfer Requirements

Stock Transfer Requirements 
Depending on your circumstances, there are different requirements necessary to transfer your Ameren stock from one owner to another. For your particular situation you may wish to contact Ameren's Investor Services for guidance.

Several transfer examples are described below. Whenever a letter of instruction with a Medallion Guarantee is required, you may substitute a Stock Power with a Medallion Guarantee. A stock power is a form used to transfer stock and may be obtained from our link, a brokerage firm, or a bank.

When transferring stock certificates that you hold, the below requirements and your stock certificates should be mailed by insured registered mail. We recommend insuring your mail for 2% of the market value of the shares.

If the shares you wish to transfer are held in our dividend reinvestment plan (DRPlus), the above requirements may be mailed by first class mail. 
Ameren Services is a Paperless Legals Agent (PLA).
As Transfer Agent, Ameren Services relies on the Medallion guaranteed signature of the shareholder or his/her agent(s) to transfer stock. When a signature is Medallion guaranteed on a transfer instruction, the financial institution as guarantor makes certain warranties upon which the transfer agent can rely.
  • The signature is genuine;
  • The signer is an appropriate person to endorse or originate the instruction;
  • If the signature is in the capacity as agent, the signatory has actual authority to act on behalf of the appropriate person; and
  • The signer has legal capacity to sign.

Supporting legal documentation (death certificates, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Letters Testamentary/Administration, etc.) must be presented to and maintained by the guarantor institution. Legal documentation which accompanies a transfer request to Ameren will not be reviewed or returned.
Eligible guarantor institutions include banks, savings and loans, broker-dealers or credit unions that are currently members of an approved Signature Medallion Program.

Transfer Examples
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