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Avoid Injury And Costs, Improve Productivity With Electric Pallet Jacks

Electric pallet jacks are the smarter, more productive way to move heavier loads and avoid costly injuries that can come with unpowered models.


Avoid operator fatigue and injuries like strains, crushing and fractures. Cut costs for medical treatment and lost work time.


Move loads up to 8,000 lbs with ease. You may be able to replace several hand pallet jacks with one unit.

Easier to Use

Reduce physical strength requirements and expand your operator pool.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve morale with equipment designed specifically for an easier, safer workday.


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Numerical example of efficiency controls on a pallet jack

Designed for Safety and Efficiency

  1. Speed controls allow pallet movement across inclines and declines with total command and little or no physical stress
  2. All controls are tiller mounted for ergonomic comfort
  3. Abdominal e-stop prevents operator injury
  4. Tiller release activates automatic parking brakes to prevent rolling
  5. Powered traction and lift reduce accidents and musculoskeletal strain and injuries
  6. Foot covers prevent lifts from rolling onto feet
  7. Key switch limits operation to trained workers and helps prevent theft
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