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Electric Water Heating

In the commercial sector, approximately 10% of energy use is attributed to water heating. While this may not seem like a staggering figure at first glance, when broken down by industry, the figures paint a more costly picture. Our BizSavers® energy efficiency experts are here to help you identify energy-efficient measures and upgrades that will reduce your monthly energy costs, AND offer you cash incentives to help offset the initial cost of the project.

Options to Save Energy and Earn Cash Incentives

Incentives are paid on a per unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualified improvements. All standard lighting measures require pre-approval.

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Energy efficiency timeline standard incentives

The BizSavers Program may provide custom incentives for energy efficient equipment that is not eligible for Standard Incentives. Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These Incentives require pre-approval before equipment purchase or installation.

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Energy efficiency timeline custom incentives

Demand response programs provide an opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial organizations to earn money and drive energy savings while helping maintain reliable electricity throughout Ameren Missouri’s service territory. Learn More

BizSavers Demand Response Incentives Process

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