Earn an Extra 20% Incentive on LED Upgrades

Until December 31st, 2021, we have increased incentives for select pre-approval lighting projects! Apply now and make sure to have your projects installed by the end of the year in order to benefit from the additional savings.


Still need more reason to make the change to LEDs? Here’s how increasing your lighting energy efficiency can help you save:

  • Cut your lighting costs in half. New LED tube lights use half the energy of the average T8 fluorescent light.
  • LED lights can often pay for themselves through energy savings within one year of installation.
  • New LED tubes can last more than 50,000 hours, lasting twice as long as comparable fluorescents.
  • LED tubes can often be easily retrofitted into existing fluorescent fixtures.

Upgrading lighting equipment can provide considerable cost savings and create a better, safer environment for your employees and customers. Lighting upgrades are an easy way to start saving energy and money quickly. It could be the first of many energy efficiency upgrades you make throughout your facility!

Contact us now for help getting started!


Top Ways to Save

LED high bay fixtures to replace inefficient HID lamps and fixtures

Fixture- and remote-mounted occupancy controls reduce energy waste

LED tube lamps to replace aging fluorescent T5, T8 or T12 lamps

Choose from Four Ways to Start Saving!


4. Contact a Business Development Rep for More Help

Our Business Development Representatives are here to help provide the support you need to achieve the energy savings your building deserves. Contact any one of our staff to get your project off the ground.

Lincoln Boschert
St. Louis City, South St. Louis County

Matt Farwig
West St. Louis County, Franklin County

Jane Parker

Rob Yakel
Business Development Lead

Jim Travis
St. Charles County, North St. Louis County

Rick Gabrielson
Energy Engineering Advisor

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