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Energy Efficient Motors and Motor-Driven Systems

In the industrial sector, motors and motor-driven systems account for the greatest source of energy consumption. But there are several ways to make your motors and motor-driven systems more efficient, and Ameren Missouri is here to help. Our BizSavers® Program offers cash incentives for numerous cost-effective, energy-efficient measures. For many motor-driven systems, the addition of variable frequency drives (VFDs) can reduce energy costs and save money. For older motors and systems that are not compatible with VFDs, Ameren Missouri also offers Custom Incentives for upgrading to a more efficient motor or system. And the best part? Our team of energy efficiency experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Options to Save Energy and Earn Cash Incentives

The BizSavers Program may provide custom incentives for energy efficient equipment that is not eligible for Standard Incentives. Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These Incentives require pre-approval before equipment purchase or installation.

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Energy efficiency timeline custom incentives

Starting from scratch or completing a renovation? Incentives are available through the New Construction program. These incentives must be pre-approved prior to the Design Phase of the project.

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Energy efficiency new construction incentives

Retro-Commissioning (RCx) is the process of optimizing systems within your building and requires an extensive facility assessment to explore energy-saving opportunities. RCx is a good solution for large buildings. Projects can receive a $0.01-0.03 per kWh incentive for performing a technical analysis study and a $0.06-$0.18 per kWh incentive for energy efficient system upgrades.

Effective April 7th, 2022, the Ameren BizSavers program is no longer accepting RCx applications for projects expected to complete in 2022. Projects submitted to BizSavers on or after April 7th, 2022 must have an estimated completion date on or after January 1, 2023.

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Demand response programs provide an opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial organizations to earn money and drive energy savings while helping maintain reliable electricity throughout Ameren Missouri’s service territory. Learn More

BizSavers Demand Response Incentives Process

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