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Get to know Jennifer Derkits

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Jennifer Derkits remembers being a sixth-grade student and learning about the value of money and how to manage it. It was through Junior Achievement (JA) that she gained those hands-on, practical skills. Today, as a business performance specialist for Ameren Missouri, her ability to manage budgets and numbers continues to pay off. So, when Derkits learned that Ameren supports a number of volunteer efforts with JA, it caught her interest. For the past several years, she has been an active JA volunteer, even going into classrooms as young as kindergarten and passing on her money management skills to a new generation.


“When you start teaching these things at such a young age, hopefully you’re giving kids something they can grow up to really use. I feel like JA can help break a cycle and teach kids things that maybe they aren’t learning at home,” Derkits says. “This can really set them up for success. And when youth succeed, their communities succeed. In that way, I think JA and the volunteer work we do has a powerful impact on our communities.”





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