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Get to know Ray Perez

Ray Perez 

When students in southeast Missouri classrooms watch massive balloons being filled with helium, then launched into the air equipped with instruments to measure atmospheric conditions and send data back to monitoring stations, they may not understand the details of the technology, but they do see a fun side of science that might just stick with them. For Ray Perez, customer service specialist, Ameren Missouri, that’s the best part of his volunteer work, showcasing Ameren Missouri’s Quantum Weather partnership with St. Louis University. “It’s a way of showing kids the fun side of science and getting them thinking about careers in STEM,” says Perez, who has an engineering degree from the University of Missouri. “Most of them don’t realize this is something you can do if you go to school to be an engineer.”


For Perez, talking with students about using science and engineering to learn about the weather’s impact on the electric grid is a worthwhile way to combine his engineering background with the community involvement he enjoys. “It helps kids connect the dots with what we do and how we’re there for their families, even before a storm hits in some cases,” he says. “I love being part of the community, and I’m fortunate to be able to go into schools and see the excitement on their faces when I can teach them something new.”







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