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Background & Benefits

We're upgrading all Ameren Missouri customers to the next generation of electric meters and gas modules as part of the Smart Energy Plan, focused on providing more reliable and cleaner energy by building a smarter grid. These meters replace 20-year-old technology that is reaching the end of its lifespan.
Our upgraded electric meters are digital meters that record your energy use in 15-minunte intervals and allow wireless, two-way communication – the meter will send signals to Ameren Missouri, and Ameren Missouri can communicate directly with your meter. Your current electric meter only communicates one way – to Ameren Missouri. Customers with gas meters will not receive a new meter – only the communications module will need to be upgraded.

Convenience – Enjoy fast connection when you move or start service, and more reliable energy thanks to how the meter works with the updated grid.

Choice – Choose from expanded rate options and decide how to view your energy information.

Control – You'll get more precise energy usage information to help you better manage your energy habits – and potentially save on your bill. Your energy usage information stays secure at all times.

You will not see a separate line item charge on your bill for an upgraded smart electric meter or gas module.

Yes; all meter types at Ameren Missouri are tested routinely for accuracy, including new and in-service meters. In fact, the tests that we conduct meet or exceed Missouri's regulatory requirements. Our test equipment, methods and documentation are subject to continuous review by Ameren Missouri and meet Missouri Public Service Commission accuracy requirements.

In addition to Ameren Missouri's tests, all of our smart meter suppliers test 100 percent of the meters for accuracy, utilizing very precise equipment during the production process.

AMI-enabled smart meters will automatically handle the bi-directional capabilities needed for customer-owned solar configurations. This functionality is available with every new AMI-enabled smart meter without any special programming or configuration update from Ameren Missouri or the customer. Customers with customer-owned solar panels do not need to take any action to ensure their solar panels will work correctly with their new smart meter.
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