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Main Request Application     MUST be completed for each service location.

TIP: The application can be saved and modified for additional requests at other locations.
Multiple Utility Service   A service application MUST be completed for each type of service requested at the same location. Example

TIP: If the billing party is different for any service or if the physical location for services is different - a new Main Request Application must be completed.
Non-Residential Service   Commercial, industrial, or non-residential buildings, barns or garages including temporary services for construction purposes, etc.
Residential Service   Single-family structures, multi-family structures, including apartments, condominiums, villas, lofts, etc., which are designed for the sole purpose of residential living.
Lighting Service
  Outdoor fixtures intended to light public areas, also known as dusk-to-dawn lighting. Fixtures are owned and operated by Ameren Missouri. All lights must be installed on an Ameren Missouri pole or customer-owned meter pole that is truck accessible. Installation charges may apply. Final determinations will be made by Ameren Missouri personnel.
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