Contact Construction Hotline

New Construction/Service

If you have questions about your order or need technical assistance, contact us:

Normal working hours are: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Central Time), Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. After hours messages will be received the next business day.

Other Contact Information
  • Turn On/Turn Off Service at an existing location (no Ameren construction needed)
    If you are moving into or out of a house or apartment with existing metered service and would like to place your order online, please use our online option:
    Turn On Service 
    Turn Off Service (Log in is required.)
    Or call Customer Service at 800.552.7583.

  • Power Out? Call Us

    If you are experiencing a power outage or disruption to your natural gas service, please call Ameren Missouri at 800.552.7583
    Be prepared to provide any details, such as unusual noises, flickering lights or anything else you experienced prior to the outage.

    REMEMBER: Always call when you see downed lines or smell a natural gas odor. Keep everyone, including pets, away from downed power lines.
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