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Summary of Missouri Chapter 13 - Ameren Missouri Cold Weather Rule Practices

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  • The Cold Weather Rule (CWR) period will last from Nov. 1 to Mar. 31.
  • Ameren Missouri will send a notice to customer at least 10 days prior to the date of service discontinuance. (Mail notices)
  • Ameren Missouri will make attempt to notify the customer within 96 hours of the scheduled service discontinuance. Requirement met with outbound calls.
  • Ameren Missouri will not make an oral representation of service termination on days designated to be “no cut” days.
  • “No Cut” day defined as any day on which the National Weather Service local forecast between 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the following twenty-four hours predicts that the temperature will drop below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit; or any day(s) where Ameren Missouri personnel are not available to reconnect service where the temperature is predicted to drop below 32° (over weekends or holidays). 
  • All customers are eligible for a one-time Payment Agreement during CWR in accordance with the following criteria:
    • 12% plus the average balance down (50% down is required if CWR payment agreement was defaulted in previous year) 
    • Put on Budget Billing
    • Deposit not assessed
    • Balance of account setup on payment agreement (PAG) to be paid out over 12 months
    • Late charges are not assessed on unpaid portion of the PAG balance
  • If customer has defaulted on a prior CWR PAG, but has not yet been disconnected, he/she is allowed one reinstatement on the PAG by paying any missed payments.
  • For gas or combo (gas and electric) accounts, if the service is off and the customer has already defaulted on a CWR PAG from that period, Ameren Missouri may require the lesser of 50% of the past due balance or $500.
  • If the service has been disconnected for a second time during the CWR, Ameren Missouri may require 80% of past due balance to restore service.
  • Registered low income elderly or disabled customers who enter into a CWR PAG will be allowed to retain service for the lesser amount of 50% of their actual bill usage for that billing period or 50% of their agreed-upon amount.
  • All deposits are suspended during the CWR.
  • Prior billed deposit installments are suspended during the CWR, and will reinstate following the period, unless the customer enters into a CWR PAG, then;
  • The unpaid portion of an existing deposit is canceled once a customer enters into a CWR PAG.

For more information regarding the Cold Weather Rule, call Ameren Missouri or the Missouri Public Service Commission.

What to do if you need winter assistance.

What to do if you need summer assistance.

  • If your household is in threat of disconnection or your service is already disconnected
    Contact Ameren Missouri to obtain the necessary amount to prevent disconnection of service or to restore service.

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