Energy Management System (EMS) Pilot Program


Eligible public and private schools, as well as tax-exempt organizations, have an exciting new opportunity to participate in Ameren Missouri's BizSavers® Energy Efficiency Program. The Energy Management System (EMS) Pilot Program is your chance to take advantage of generous incentives for implementing new technologies that also help reduce energy usage and costs over the long term.

What is EMS?
Energy Management Systems monitor, control and optimize the performance of equipment and resources in a facility, reducing energy while providing real-time monitoring of energy consumption for the entire building or on specific equipment.

EMS can manage functions such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, fire alarm systems, security, maintenance and energy management, acting as a central control hub to maximize service while minimizing energy consumption.

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  Tax-exempt organizations can receive incentives that cover 50% of their project’s cost by participating in the Energy Management System Pilot Program. (Learn More)

How You Can Save

Installing new EMS equipment and software in an existing facility can lower your energy statements by providing long-term energy and demand reduction. As part of the EMS Pilot Program, eligible public and private schools, as well as tax-exempt organizations can receive incentives for 50% of the total EMS project costs. This enhanced incentive is a significant increase over the regular Custom Incentive rates.

Pairing the EMS Pilot Program savings with other Ameren Missouri BizSavers Programs can multiply the savings. Some examples of other incentive-eligible upgrades include replacing inefficient fluorescent, incandescent or HID lights with LEDs and installing occupancy sensors, heat pumps, cooling controls or ventilation equipment.

Get Started Saving Today

To get started, review the EMS program guidelines and download the application or contact one of our business development representatives by calling 1.866.941.7299.


Options to Save Energy and Earn Cash Incentives

Standard Incentives
Incentives are paid on a per unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualified improvements. Projects that include all Standard measures do not require pre-approval unless the incentive is anticipated to be more than $10,000. For incentives more than $10,000, please see Custom Incentive below. Eligibility for a Standard Incentive requires customers to install measures achieving a minimum total incentive of $150 per application. All Standard Incentive applications must be submitted within 180 days of equipment invoice date.

Get Started! Apply for a Standard Incentive now and receive an incentive check 45-60 days after completion paperwork is received.

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Custom Incentives   

If your project is not on the Standard Incentives list, it may qualify for a Custom Incentive. Virtually any cost-effective energy efficient project qualifies for a Custom Incentive. These incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. 

Get Started! Custom Incentives require pre-approval before purchase or installation. Apply for a Custom Incentive today.

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new construction
New Construction Incentives
Starting from scratch or completing a renovation? Incentives are available through the New Construction program. These incentives must be pre-approved prior to the Design Phase of the project.

Get Started! New Construction Incentives require Program involvement before Design Team meetings begin. Please review the New Construction Handbook and New Construction Guidelines, then contact us to begin the application process.

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Still Not Sure Where to Start?

Visit our approved Trade Ally Network page to search for qualified contractors and service providers that will help you design, purchase and install your energy efficient equipment. Or, contact one of our business development representatives by calling 866.941.7299.

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