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Upgrade your T8 Fluorescent Lamps to T-LEDs!

The Ameren Missouri Business Energy Efficiency Program offers customers smart ways to save when upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment. Our current promotions are a great opportunity to save even more by taking action and upgrading now!

Get cash back today!

For every old four-foot fluorescent tube you upgrade to new, more efficient LEDs, we’ll give you $5 in cash.


50% Lower Costs

Cut your lighting costs in half. New LED tube lights use half the energy of the average T8 fluorescent light.


2x More Life

Standard T8 fluorescent lamps have a lifespan of around 24,000 hours, while new LED tubes average 50,000 hours. Simply put, they last twice as long!


Easy Installation

Switching to LEDs is as simple as quickly retrofitting existing fixtures with an LED instant start ballast, swapping out the lamp and flipping the switch.

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TLED lighting

They’re paid off within a year

For most businesses, LED lights will pay for themselves with energy savings within a year. This saves your accounting department from calculating amortization rates while lowering your overall energy spending for years to come.

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