Shoreline Structures and the Project Boundary

Decks, Patios, Walkways and Gazebos are not Permitted

The project boundary is generally located at the 662 elevation lake wide. There are some areas where the project boundary is higher than 662' contour elevation. Check the map online or contact Ameren Missouri's shoreline management office to verify the project boundary location.

Patios may not be constructed with any material below the 662' contour elevation or within 3 feet behind any seawall; this includes brick pavers and flagstone unless providing perpendicular access to the shoreline or a dock.

Ameren Missouri permits shoreline facilities including bank stabilization, docks, piers, pumps, etc. in accordance with our Federal License and Shoreline Management Plan (SMP).  As of 2008, Ameren Missouri does not permit installation of new lakeside decks, patios, parallel walkways and Gazebos within the project boundary (below the 662' contour elevation).  One perpendicular walkway is allowed for each permitted dock in accordance with Ameren Missouri permitting guidelines. Some structures built prior to 2008 may be allowable, however, any new construction in the form of decks, patios, sidewalks and gazebos must be placed above Ameren Missouri’s project boundary or removal will be required.

If the 662’ contour elevation is located on the seawall, the project boundary is 3 feet behind the face of the seawall. All new structures must be at least 3 feet behind the landward face of the wall. Access paths to the dock can still be construction.

If you have questions or concerns about construction projects on the shoreline, please contact our office at 573.365.9203.

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