call before you dig

Dial 8.1.1 - Missouri One Call



Protect yourself and your utility services by calling 8.1.1. before planting trees or digging on your property. Having underground utility lines properly marked helps prevent service disruptions and injuries - and it's the law. Something as small as installing a mailbox or planting a bush could harm you or your services if you hit a line.


Underground utilities can be dangerous to anyone planning to dig. Notify Missouri One Call of your planned excavation to help prevent damages that may result in fines, utility service interruption, and injury or even death. It’s a FREE service – and it’s the law. Accurate dig site information is essential to prevent damages. Contacting Missouri One Call not only ensures underground utilities are marked, it demonstrates your commitment to digging safely.

Call Before You Dig Safe digging is everyone’s responsibility. Learn more about digging safely around underground utility lines.

Did you know you can disrupt utility service - and even put your life in danger - just by failing to have the locations of natural gas, electric and other underground utility lines clearly marked before you plant a new tree, set a fence post, or build a deck?
In Missouri, contact Missouri One Call, at 811 or 800.344.7483 (800.DIG.RITE).
Contacting Missouri One Call before you dig is not just smart - it’s the law. We recommend you visit Missouri One Call for full details about what you need to do before you dig.
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