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Celebrating the power of every goal.

For every St. Louis CITY regular season goal, Ameren Missouri will donate 100 LED lightbulbs, as part of the Ameren Missouri Community Lights program.

Every goal equals 100 lightbulbs donated

Ameren is partnering with St. Louis CITY to bring energy savings and increased safety and security to St. Louis neighborhoods with our Community Lights program. In the Fall, Ameren Missouri will be giving out the lightbulbs at various public events and will also be selecting a St. Louis City neighborhood for a community outreach event, going door-to-door changing porch lights. Check back soon to learn more about where we'll be giving the lightbulbs out to the public.


Savings options close at hand

Saving energy can help lower your energy bill. Ameren Missouri offers many different energy efficiency products. From LED bulbs to Nest thermostats, our online store provides products that help you lower your energy use.


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Energy efficiency tools to help you save

Ameren Missouri is hard at work to make sure you have the energy you need. And it's why we put savings tools in your hands - so you can take action. Learn more about the rebates and incentives available for energy efficiency improvements in your home.


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