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Incentives to drive electric come in all forms. Whether it is the federal tax credit, low-cost maintenance or being able to avoid the gas station and fuel your car while you sleep. There are many reasons to go electric.
Incentives to drive electric come in all forms. They include reducing the cost of your car, electric fuel or maintenance:
  • Federal tax credit: Most new EVs are eligible for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit.
  • Pay less at the plug: The cost of fueling an EV is less than half that of a conventional vehicle. Compare the costs of driving on electricity with eGallon.
  • No emissions checks for all electric vehicles: No tailpipe means no emissions– and no emissions checks.
  • Charging is easy: Charge your car while you sleep. If you can plug in an appliance you can plug in an EV. 
  • More than 70 models: There is an electric car or SUV to fit almost every lifestyle.
  • Cleaner air: All-electric cars produce zero emissions.
  • Still contributes to roadway infrastructure: Since you no longer pay gasoline tax at the pump, the State requires a small annual fee that supports road maintenance. Missouri Department of Revenue contacts EV owners about how to receive your EV decal.
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