Applicable Meter for Your Solar Project

Bi-Directional Meter (7/01/16)


The bi-directional meter relates directly to net metering and allows Ameren Missouri to record the amount of energy fed to Ameren Missouri's grid.

Typically, the one-time charge for the bi-directional meter is $320 for a 1-phase meter or $216 for a 3-phase meter. In some cases, more work is required than simply replacing the meter resulting in higher charges. Meter costs are subject to change. See recent Residential Meter Socket Change Information.

The cost of the bi-directional meter and any additional work required to support a net metering installation is quoted in the net metering application design approval letter/email that is sent to the customer and installer. The cost quoted will appear on your Ameren Missouri bill by the next billing cycle after the project is completed and the meter is installed.

You will know the bi-directional meter has been installed when you see a red sticker that states "Warning Alternative Generation Source" and Ameren Missouri will send you an email notification.

A bi-directional meter only records billing data. It does not record the total amount of energy produced by the renewable system. Only kilowatt-hour (kWh) fed back to the grid and kWh delivered by Ameren Missouri will register on the bi-directional meter. If the system is producing power and the property is using the power simultaneously, the bi-directional meter does not record the produced and used power - essentially they cancel each other out.

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