Enough Solar Energy For...

solar panels union station 

What is the practical output of our entire system? 
The solar energy generated each month by the Ameren installation could power several average-sized homes! We track this number each month with the chart on this page.

You'll find as the weather changes seasonally, so does the amount of energy produced by our solar equipment - and the energy consumed by the average-sized house.

Because the installed capacity of each technology is different, we employ a “normalization” factor that adjusts each technology type to a common capacity that allows a valid comparison of efficiencies and output by type. More about our normalization formula.

  • Kilowatt (kW)
    A unit of measure used to express the output power of a solar array.
  • Kilowatthour (kWh)
    A unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt of power expended for one hour of time. A measure of energy consumption.