Selling Back Your Power (Net Metering)

If you are an Ameren Missouri customer who generates some or all of your energy, net metering allows you to send your excess generated energy to the Ameren grid.
Please check for updates on program changes impacting solar rebates and net metering. See Notifications about Ameren Missouri's Solar Rebate Program.
For example, if you install a solar energy system for your home or business, you will first use the power your system generates. If more energy is needed, the meter pulls it form the Ameren grid. If you generate more energy than you need at the time, the energy goes to the Ameren grid for others to use. You are compensated for the power you add to the Ameren grid.
The Missouri Public Service Commission defines a net metering customer as an individual who uses his/her own renewable system to generate a portion or all of his/her electricity. Generation in excess of what is used by a customer is distributed on the electric grid. At the end of each monthly billing period, the amount of electricity that is sent onto the grid offsets the electricity consumed by the net metering customer, thus lowering the customer's electric bill.
Use the links below to learn more about the Missouri net metering process:
Net Metering Application/Agreement
Net Metering Completion Requirements
"Sample" Net Metering Application Supporting Documentation
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