Installing Solar Power


Interested in installing solar power on your home or business?

Follow the steps below to get started. 

   bullet Contact an installer. (Ameren Missouri does not recommend any installers.)  Please visit for a list of installers or click on this link, which includes installers who have installed solar in Missouri in the last year. Installers should assist you in completing every step of this process
   bullet The installer you choose will help determine what size installation you can install and which interconnection agreement is applicable. See FAQs to better understand size requirements.    
   bullet Your installer will complete the correct interconnection application on line. Click here to learn more about the application process.      
   bullet Ameren Missouri will review and approve the application.
   bullet Your installer will install solar power on your home or business.
   bullet Your installer will return Sections E and F, and inspection if your municipality requires it, to Ameren Missouri. 
   bullet Ameren Missouri will order the bi-directional meter, if applicable. Current bi-directional meter costs are $395 for a single phase meter and $293 for a three phase meter.
   bullet Start enjoying the benefits of solar energy. 
faqs  Frequently Asked Questions 
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