Data on the Ameren Solar Project

Real-time information on the energy produced with the solar equipment located at our St. Louis headquarters.
  Solar Energy Production
   Solar Energy Produced      The current solar intensity and solar energy produced (in kilowatts or kW) is charted every 10 seconds. The arrow moves up and down based on the solar intensity striking the solar panels as it is measured by the pyranometer. (The maximum normalized output equals 120 kW.)
The vertical readings vary depending on the current intensity of sunlight. See the Solar Energy Prodution data.
  Enough Solar Energy for...
  Average home solar energy      We are calculating the number of average homes our solar energy technologies could power each month.
An average home is 2,000 sq. ft. and consumes about 13,500 kWh per year. See the data on this month's solar energy production.
  Solar Power by Technology Type 
  Technologies used by Ameren      Ameren uses three different photovoltaic technologies on our solar energy project.
Choose a technology type, and the chart will refresh and display the current energy output. View the data charts by technology type.
  Solar Power by Date 
  Solar power by date     

Each chart presents a colored line that represents one of the technologies Ameren has installed.
Choose a date and view all four historical generation technologies simultaneously. See our technology charts of energy produced by date.

  Solar Power by Year or Month
  Solar power by year or month      Provides calculations on the total energy (kWh) produced by each solar technology used in the Ameren Solar Project.
View the data by year or month.
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