Vegetation Safety


Landscaping and Digging

Ameren reminds you to stay safe while doing yardwork. Review these tips before landscaping or digging: 

  • You can disrupt utility service -- and even put your life in danger -- just by failing to have the locations of natural gas, electric and other underground utility lines clearly marked before you plant a new tree, set a fence post or build a deck. Contact Missouri One Call at 811 before you dig - it's the law!

Pruning Trees    

  Never attempt to prune trees near power lines yourself. Only qualified line clearance tree contractors are allowed to work within a minimum of 10 feet of high voltage lines. If you have any questions, call Ameren for an inspection of your tree and line situation. 

Service Drops 
Service drops -- the lines that deliver electricity from Ameren power poles to the customer's meters -- are relatively low voltage (typically 120/240) and are not normally pruned by Ameren's contractors. Trees near this line are the property owner's responsibility. See an illustration

If you are concerned about tree growth near your service drop, you may call and schedule an appointment to have your service drop disconnected in order to have the trees near this line trimmed safely. Please call Ameren to request a service drop disconnection. We recommend that you hire a professional tree service to do this trimming. 

Although we cannot recommend a particular company or contractor for tree service, we do encourage homeowners to make sure the company they choose has a qualified arborist on staff, is insured for personal property, liability and workman's compensation, and is affiliated with an arboricultural organization.

Ameren places top priority on safety. Read more about ways in which you can stay safe around your home or business.

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