Congratulations to Wendy C. for winning the naming contest!
The Ameren Missouri Sioux Energy Center employees gave the female falcon her name - SiouxZee (Sue-Zee), but we didn't have a name for the male falcon. To help us find a suitable name, we asked viewers to submit their suggestions. We received 162 names , and one of those names, Coal, was selected by our committee to be the male falcon's name. Wendy C. was the first person to submit the name Coal - she is our winner!
About Coal:
      • Hatched: 2004
      • Location: Ameren Missouri Labadie Power Center
      • Banded by: Jeff Meshach, World Bird Sanctuary
Wendy C. not only gets bragging rights but she also becomes an adopt-a-bird parent to Sirrocco, a male peregrine falcon that calls World Bird Sanctuary home.

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