What's the Cost?


  • Lower Fuel Costs The cost of fueling an electric vehicle is generally three to four times cheaper than a conventional vehicle. 

  • Lower Maintenance Costs It is anticipated that the costs for maintaining EVs over their operating lives will be substantially less than regular gas engines. 

Fuel cost comparison image
Use the Department of Energy's eGallon interactive tool above to compare current fuel costs.
Ameren Illinois Customers
Owners of electric vehicles may want to explore Ameren Illinois' hourly pricing program, Power Smart Pricing (PSP), which is administered by Elevate Energy, or hourly priced supply products offered by Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) doing business in Ameren Illinois' service territory. Visit PowerSmartPricing.org or PlugInIllinois.org, respectively, for details.
Compare Costs

The following table summarizes average charging times and costs per day based on various daily commute miles. Actual daily charging costs may differ based on customer classification, the time of year and rate structure differences between Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri.



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