Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Storage


Some CCRs are managed in long-term structures at Ameren energy centers. These specially built structures allow Ameren to manage fly and bottom ash. The two types of long-term CCR storage facilities are:

  • Collection Ponds
    CCRs are delivered to the pond and mixed with water. In these ponds, CCRs settle and the water is discharged in accordance with the facility permit.

    Ameren manages CCR pond systems at all of our coal-generating facilities and two landfills. 
  • Storage Landfills
    Landfills receive CCRs in a dry form (a small amount of moisture is added for handling and to avoid dusting).
    Ameren currently manages two landfills. Each of the landfills is about 200 acres in size. All landfills are subject to environmental permitting requirements.
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