Economics of Ameren's Solar Energy Project 

When contemplating a solar installation for your home or business, consider the following during the planning process:   

  • Costs of Increasing Your Efficiency
    Evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and appliances. Visit Act On Energy to learn more. Ameren Missouri customers can visit Energy Advisor for additional energy efficiency information.


  • Initial Cost
    Research and obtain several bids regarding the design, engineering, equipment and installation costs for a system that you will need. 


  • Maintenance Cost
    Consider the expenses related to the operation and maintenance of your system, including inspections, cleanings, insurance, etc.


  • Repair and Replacement Costs
    Determine approximately how often you will need to repair or perhaps replace components of your solar energy system.    


  • Cost of Producing Your Own Electricity 
    When performing a cost/benefit analysis, the cost of generating your own energy must be weighed against the cost of electricity provided by Ameren. Check the net metering options and know the requirements before you begin your installation.

For more on estimating the performance and energy offsets of a solar energy system, use the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) PV Watts calculator.

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