Solar Energy and the Environment 

Low-impact Energy!

  • Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant form of energy available. 
  • It creates no waste, greenhouse gases or other emissions.

Get the Most Out of Solar: Become More Energy Efficient
Visit Act On Energy and take an inventory of your overall energy efficiency.
  • Tighten up any inefficiencies due to outdated appliances or other causes.
  • Visit the ENERGY STAR® website for more about choosing efficient appliances.

Avoid Unintended Environmental Impacts

Solar arrays are substantial in size, so before you begin planning your project, consider the following:

  • Visual impact.
  • Potential disturbance of land use (if not roof-mounted).
  • Drainage runoff.
  • Possibility of damaged or improperly disposed of photovoltaic panels. Please consult your installer for information.
To help you determine the safest and most harmonious environmental integration of your system, consult a trained installer or developer.
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