Ameren's New Log In & Registration Process

PLEASE NOTE: If you've already updated your UserID to your email address, you will use that email address to log in the next time you're here. If you haven't updated your old UserID to your email address, we will guide you through the new login process. Start by reviewing the FAQs below. Then, when you're ready, log in using your old credentials.

Why is Ameren's log in experience changing?
In our continued efforts to improve our customer experience, we're simplifying the Ameren.com log in process to allow your email address to serve as your UserID. You'll also find easier online account management and improved security through multi-factor authentication.

I can't remember my original UserID.
If you can't remember your original UserID, just call us and we can look it up. You'll only need that unique UserID once to complete the initial login. On subsequent visits to Ameren.com, your UserID will be your email address.

Why am I being asked to change my password?
If this is your first time logging in to Ameren.com since we moved to the new login experience, and you are prompted to change your password, it is because your old password did not meet our new password requirements. Once you change your password, you will proceed through the initial log in screens. To save your changes, the system will ask you to log out and log back in again to continue.

I got locked out.
If you were locked out during the login process due to too many invalid attempts, the system will eventually auto unlock so you can try again. Get a cup of coffee, stretch your legs, and come back to try again. If you can't remember your original UserID or password, see help information above or contact us.

What if I enter the wrong information during setup?
You will have an opportunity to review and edit your information prior to completing the process. You can make additional updates to your information from the My Profile section, including the ability to change your UserID (email address).

Will my UserID change if I updated my email address?
Yes. If you update your email address in the "My Profile" area, your UserID will be updated to that email address.

What is Multi-factor Authentication?
This is an additional security measure to confirm the person entering the information is who they say they are. This will replace the security question you were previously asked.

I have a residential and a commercial account. Do I need to create an account for each type?
No. We are moving to one UserID to support multiple roles. If you have a personal residential account but also manage a commercial account, you can now use the same UserID to manage both.

I use one of the special portals for business partners. How will sign in work for me?
Instead of signing up as a CBP, you'll click "I am a utility partner" and follow the prompts. All the portals will still function just as they did before.

I also use the Ameren Mobile App. Will my UserID and password change there, too?
For now, continue to log in to Ameren's Mobile App with the same UserID and password that you have used in the past. We have a new Mobile App launching in just a few weeks so check your favorite app store and be sure to download it once it's available. When you do, you can log in to the new Mobile App with your email address and password that you have established for Ameren.com.

I've read all the FAQs and I'm still stuck. What do I do?
Contact us. We'll help you out.

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