Have a Hot Weather Plan

Photo of blue sky and sun 
Creating an action plan for hot weather days can help you save the life of a friend, neighbor, family member or even yourself.

  • Spend the hottest part of the day in an air conditioned place.
  • If you don’t have air conditioning, find a cooling site near you (Keep Cool Illinois or United Way 2-1-1) or another public place where you can be comfortable and cool - go to a theatre, supermarket, public library, shopping mall.
  • Wear light, loose fitting clothing.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Watch for signs of heat stress. Symptoms include heavy sweating or weakness, high temperature, vomiting and unconsciousness. Call 911 if you are concerned.
  • Look out for elderly friends, neighbors or relatives who may not notice the signs of heat stress. Check on those who may not have or be able to use air conditioning.
  • Never leave seniors, young children or pets in a parked car even for a few minutes - you could put them at risk for heat-related illness or even death.
    Be sure to lock your car when at home to keep children
    from climbing in and becoming trapped.
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