National Electrical Safety Code Clearance Issues

Ameren takes the safety of our customers very seriously. Lack of proper clearance of customer-owned service entrance increases the possiblity of dangerous contact with our electric lines and facilities. In Illinois, the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is adopted as law, and electric utility companies must comply with the applicable provisions.

Some of the most common violations seen are around decks, satellite dishes and pools. As owner of the property, it is your responsibility to provide a proper electrical service attachment point for Ameren Illinois that is in compliance with all NESC requirements. If the necessary repairs are not made in a timely manner, you risk loss of service as Ameren Illinois will be required to disconnect your electric service. Please use the guidelines below to be sure that you are not in violation of any NESC requirements.

*Clearances outlined below must be maintained for all temperature and wind conditions.

Common Violations       

The vertical clearance required over a deck is 12', and can be reduced to 10' when the height of the building does not permit the service drops to meet these values.  The horizontal clearance required is 5' for services passing close to, but not directly over decks.


  Satellite Dishes

For small satellite dishes, the required clearance (in any direction) is 3.5'.

  Swimming Pools 

The required clearance from the edge of the swimming pool, diving platform, facility, or apparatus is 10' horizontally.  If the service wire is inordinately high, the 10' horizontal clearance requirement can be superseded.  Contact your local Ameren office for assistance in analyzing these unusual situations. 

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