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Living Our Values in Uncertain Times

Message from Ameren Executive Leadership Team

June 5, 2020

To All Ameren Co-Workers,

We write today to express our unity in condemning racial prejudice, hate or intolerance, and the profound injustice of the senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. We grieve for their families and for all those in our community because of the pain of racism and injustice.

We stand with those who speak up and speak out – peacefully, yet strongly – against all forms of racial injustice. Acts of inequity and violence are in direct opposition to Ameren's values and our steadfast commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, not only within our company but also in our communities.

We also do not condone the violence and criminal activities that are taking place in our community. This violence has directly touched our Ameren family. Captain David Dorn, whose son is Brian Powell, an Ameren Illinois co-worker, was brutally murdered in St. Louis recently. We mourn his loss, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Brian and his entire family.

It is only natural that people feel pain, frustration and, yes, anger over inequity and senseless violence. So how can we take that anger and turn that forceful energy into something productive? What more can we do, as a company, a community and as individuals to ensure that the right to live freely, without fear and to one's potential, is experienced by every person?

We recognize that more work must be done to make sustainable, positive change. At Ameren, we will intensify our efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. We will continue to implore the community and civic organizations with which we work to strive for equity and racial justice, and work tirelessly to enact positive change in our company and the communities we serve. We expect every co-worker to speak up and speak freely if they experience anything in conflict with our values or culture. There is absolutely no place for hatred and racism in our company or communities; we must challenge such behavior when we witness it. We continue to expect our co-workers to live all of Ameren’s core values, including Respect: Value Others and Integrity: Do The Right Thing. We must all demonstrate the courage to live these values and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion.

We ask each of you to practice empathy and open mindedness, to have conversations, discuss differences, learn about others, and work to understand those whose experiences are nothing like your own. Change is impossible without action.

During days like these, it seems as if our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have only just begun. We will redouble our commitment to powering the quality of life in the communities we serve, not only through the energy we provide, but also through our engagement with and support of the communities and people we serve on their journey to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.


Bhavani Amirthalingam
Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Information Officer

Warner Baxter
Chairman, President & CEO

Mark Birk
Senior Vice President Customer & Power Operations

Fadi Diya
Senior Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer

Sharon Harvey Davis
Vice President Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer

Mary Heger
Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Ameren Illinois

Mark Lindgren
Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Chief HR Officer

Marty Lyons
President Ameren Missouri

Richard Mark
President Ameren Illinois

Michael Moehn
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Chonda Nwamu
Senior Vice President General Counsel & Secretary

Shawn Schukar
President Ameren Transmission Co.

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