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Discussions Across Differences 2016

Ameren is introducing a video series to communicate information and lessons from our shared experience of Ferguson. The purpose is to increase the comfort level of being involved in uncomfortable and sometimes difficult dialogues involving diversity and inclusion.

We encourage community organizations, businesses and other groups to use these videos and discussion guides to engage teams in conversations and learning how to manage through crisis, fear and differences.

Each video features a conversation facilitated by Jennifer Blome with selected leaders in our community. With each video, we provide a facilitator guide, participant booklet and presentation deck for your use. 

What Is Possible

Focus: Understanding the differences in communities based on geography and experiences and the impact of lucky ZIP Codes. It challenges participants to develop ways to understand and embrace diversity and inclusion both publicly and privately with new perspectives obtained from a situation evaluation and a "fictive kinship."

The Psychology of Race

Focus: Examining how an individual may think about race, racial identity or ethnicity based on conditioning and experiences. This video helps participants understand race, its inherent challenges and stereotypes.

What Respect Looks Like

Focus: Understanding what the word respect means when utilized in different settings by diverse individuals, and the impact that it can have when it is present or absent in an environment or setting.

Teaching for Inclusion

Focus: Seeing urban education through the lens of personal experiences, archetypes and stereotypes. The video challenges assumptions regarding learning environments and opportunities for both students and teachers and discusses how to use inclusion to build a space where all students feel welcomed and celebrated.

Reading Between the Lines

Focus: Asking audiences to imagine themselves in the middle of unrest and uncertainty in a community in crisis with limited resources. The video shows how one individual with a focus on diversity and inclusion can serve as a catalyst for creating compassion and delivering support across differences to meet the needs of individuals, families and a community.

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