Preparing to Leave the Nest

The Falcons Have Left the Nest

Our young peregrine falcons have flown the coop! The falcon cam is offline now that our four feathered friends have learned to fly on their own. The image to the right shows the last falcon hanging around the box. You can view the video of the lone bird taking off. As they become more accomplished fliers, they travel to find more comfortable places to hang out and roost. The falcons will come back in the beginning to get a meal or two from mom and dad, but as they become more independent, they slowly learn to venture out and hunt on their own. Maybe one day we will meet again...

Together Again

All four peregrine chicks are back together again! The fourth chick returned safely from its travels just the other day. The four siblings were spotting perched on the beams together.

Another fledging was also captured just yesterday. View the video of one falcon's fledge. From the looks of it this morning though, it doesn't seem like we have much time left with the falcons before they have all left the nesting box. We may have an empty nest very soon!

First Flight

We have been seeing less and less of the "chicks" in the nesting box these days. These peregrine falcons are getting closer everyday to leaving the nesting box for the real world! The chicks have taken to exploring more of the steel beam structures surrounding them.

One of the males was observed fledging, or taking his first flight out of the nest. He was spotted by the camera around 8 pm on the night of June 15. He flew out of the nest and is probably under another structure somewhere, safe and sound. View our video to watch one of the chicks taking a first run at a flight.

    First Flight 
Branching Out

The growing chicks have already started branching out of the nest. Branching is when the chicks first begin to step out of the nesting box on their own. They will begin to try to balance and walk on the steel beams, as if they were walking out on a branch during a windy day.

This morning, the first chick bravely walked the beam outside of the nesting box. View the video below of the daredevil. Looks like it's having fun exploring the world outside of the nest.



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