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Map Users Guide

Use the toolbar at the top of the outage map to expand the left-hand menu, view the help guide, search, report or check the status of an outage, sign up for alerts, or view the outage center.
Zoom in / out (+ and -)
To zoom in or out, click the corresponding button located in the upper left area of the map or click on the map and then scroll with the wheel on your mouse up or down. On a mobile or tablet device you may need to use the pinch screen feature.

Reset View
By clicking the Reset View button, your screen will return to an overview of the Ameren service area.

My Location
Click on My Location to pinpoint your geographical location on the map.
Customers Without Service/Customers Served
This section of the map indicates how many Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri customers are without service at any given time in a designated state. It also shows how many total customers each of the energy companies serves.

Time Updated
The Ameren outage map updates approximately every 6 minutes to provide customers the latest outage information.

Summary Information
The State/County link provides an alphabetical list of counties, and the State/ZIP link provides a list of ZIP Codes within the Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri service areas where there are current outages. These lists are updated approximately every 6 minutes. Clicking on a county or ZIP Code will take you back to the map zoomed in to that location.
View by Location
The number of customers without service is identified on the map by colored icons that correspond to the legend at the top of the page when using View by Location under Map Tools. When multiple outages occur in close proximity, outages are clustered into a multi-colored icon. Zoom in on the icon to see each individual outage. Clicking on an icon will display statistics about that particular outage.

The icon labeled Crew signifies that an Ameren crew has been assigned to an outage.

Ameren Illinois’ service territory is outlined in blue on the map.

Ameren Missouri’s service territory is outlined in green on the map.

View by State/County or State/ZIP
Areas of the map are shaded by colors to identify the number of customers without service when using State/County or State/ZIP under Map Tools.  Colors correspond to the legend at the top of the page. Clicking on a county or ZIP Code will display statistics about that defined area.

Ameren Illinois’ service territory is outlined in blue on the map.

Ameren Missouri’s service territory is outlined in green on the map.
Custom Layers
Four custom icons may be added to the to indicate services and assistance available to impacted customers. By clicking on the icon located on the map, you can view more information, which is presented in the right slide.

Road/Satellite View
Major highways and roadways are identified in both Missouri and Illinois to help you locate outages when viewing the map using the Road filter. You may also view the outage map with a Google Maps Satellite overlay.
You can click on Radar under Weather to track storms or weather conditions that may impact service in your community. Slide the Opacity scale to adjust the weather graphic feature on the map. Click on Loop to show the previous 30-minute progression of weather activity.
You can bookmark locations by clicking on Search Map in the toolbar at the top of the page and typing in an address. A blue flag then appears on the map. Click on the blue flag and then click Add to Bookmarks and click Ok. Click on the bookmark to go directly to that location on the map.
Once you click on an outage icon on the map, outage details appear on the right side of your screen.

Outage Status
Ameren tracks where an outage is in the restoration process to keep you up-to-date.

Customers Without Service
This indicates the number of customers impacted by an outage. When clicking on a Multiple Outages icon, you will first see Number of Outages, which is different from the number of Customers Without Service.

Estimated Safe Restoration Time
To help you plan during an outage, crews develop an estimated safe restoration time once they begin working to restore power. Because circumstances can change, estimated safe restoration times may need to be reassessed.

Outage Start Date/Time
This represents the date and time that the outage was reported to Ameren.

Cause of Outage
Storms, trees, broken branches, wild animals and car crashes have all led to power outages. When we have identified the cause of a power outage, we will share that information with you.

Report/Check Outage
You can report an outage, or check the outage status at your residence or business.

Sign up for Alerts
Sign up for Outage Alerts to receive outage updates as voice messages, texts, or emails. You can also see what other alert options Ameren has available to help you manage your energy usage.

Click on Zoom to get a closer look at a particular outage location. Ameren’s outage map zooms in to approximately 1000 feet.
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