Navigating Ameren’s Retirement Process

This video series will help you understand Ameren’s retirement process. You will learn where to find the information you need, what you should consider before making your decision to retire, how to estimate your pension benefit and retiree medical costs, and much more. The videos will walk you through the steps you need to take if you are considering retirement or ready to begin the process of retirement. (Six videos are available. Use the end arrows to navigate left and right to access each one. The video clip titled "My Retirement" includes all six video clips in one.)

Note: These videos are intended to help you better understand your benefits and options about your retirement benefits. The information provided contains only general information about retirement benefits and has not been tailored for each individual employee-viewer. The information in the videos is not intended to amend, supersede or replace any provision contained in a plan document or summary plan description.

Links to helpful information:
  • Section 1 - Thinking About Retirement (3:43 minutes)
  • Section 2 - Find the Information You Need (2:41 minutes)
  • Section 3 - Your Retirement Income (4:32 minutes)
  • Section 4 - Your Health Care (5:43 minutes)
  • Section 5 - Other Benefits (2:32 minutes)
  • Section 6 - The Last 60-90 Days (3:54 minutes)
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