PowerSafe FAQs

PowerSafe is an orientation program developed by the Safety Council to provide an integrated safety orientation and verification program for utility contractors. PowerSafe is a way for Ameren Missouri and Ameren Transmission Vegetation to address that all contractor employees on the property receive at a minimum, a basic level of safety orientation. The PowerSafe T&D Suite is written by a representative group of utility contractors and owners, and is delivered and administered by a non-profit organization.

The goal is to help Ameren Missouri and Ameren Transmission Vegatation contractors maintain a safer workforce, and increase safety awareness by setting expectations for each individual completing this orientation.

If you would like to become a member, or learn more about the Safety Council or PowerSafe, please e-mail Tess Ventress, or call her at 225.282.3302, 225.766.0955 (main), 225.975.1179 (cell).

PowerSafe orientation must be completed before reserving time at Missouri Career Centers. Pre-approved credit must be established prior to registration. Invoices are mailed weekly by the Safety Council of the Louisiana Capital Area (SCLCA).
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