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The regulation process determines delivery rates for the energy we deliver to you. 
Ameren Illinois delivers electricity
and natural gas to approximately
 2 million customers.
Ameren Illinois delivers electricity and natural gas to customers in central and southern Illinois. The utility is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The company is also subject to federal regulatory oversight. For the text of current regulatory proceedings before these and other regulatory bodies, see Utility Commission Filings.

Electric and Natural Gas Rates
Ameren Illinois strives to contain costs and keeps our rates for delivering electricity and natural gas as low as possible for our customers.

Occasionally, we ask the Illinois Commerce Commission to approve new electric rates or new natural gas rates that will allow us to cover our daily operating costs, maintain our existing infrastructure, and continue to improve our distribution systems to serve your energy needs safely and reliably. For information on the rate case process, visit Illinois Rate Facts

Electric Supply Choice
In Illinois, customers may choose who supplies the electricity they purchase, and it is delivered by Ameren Illinois. Learn more about retail electric suppliers and aggregation..

Energy Efficiency  
Use less, spend less. To learn more about how conserving energy can help reduce costs, visit ActOnEnergy.

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