An Action Plan for the Future 
An advanced system will reduce outages and keep up with your energy needs. 
Today's customers are plugged in like never before. That's why Ameren Illinois is always focused on improving your electric delivery service. Our 10-year Modernization Action Plan, or MAP, is one way we plan to make your service safer, more efficient and more reliable for the 21st century.
Over the next decade, we estimate an additional investment of $643 million in our distribution system to build a high-tech "smart" grid and make thousands of upgrades and repairs, beyond regular construction and maintenance - so you can see results faster. Concentrating on these efforts will help us support your energy needs now and into the future.
Our MAP also will create jobs for Illinois - 450 during the program's peak period. See available positions now.
Modernizing our electric grid will be an ongoing process, and MAP will happen in phases. You can track our progress by checking our project summary.
We care about our customers and offer a number of energy assistance programs. Programs are available that provide bill credits and other benefits. (more

More about MAP
Our plan to <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/MoreAboutMAP.aspx">improve service reliability and energy savings</a>.
Creating Jobs
MAP provides <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/CreatingJobs.aspx">career opportunities</a>.
Our Smart Grid
What it means and <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/SmartGrid.aspx">how it will work for you</a>.
Meet the New Meter
An <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/NewMeters.aspx">advanced meter</a> is a smarter meter.
<a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/MAPFAQs.aspx">Information is power</a>.
<a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/TAC.aspx">Apply here</a> for Smart Grid Test Beds.
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