Jobs Creation is Key Element of MAP 
Six Programs and Investment Levels Defined 
A blueprint for its 10-year, $625-million infrastructure improvement and modernization initiative was submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission on March 5, 2012.
Beginning this year, Ameren Illinois will create more than the required 450 additional jobs in 2015, the peak year of the 10-year initiative. In addition to jobs that will be created through the infrastructure modernization and improvement initiative, currently 200 full-time positions are open.

In the plan submitted, Ameren Illinois identified the estimated 10-year investment levels for the six program categories. Read more about our MAP for the future.

Jobs Now
Over 200 openings, <a href="">find more here</a>.
MAP for Future
<a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Pages/MAPBlueprint.aspx">Blueprint</a> for improvement and modernization.
Regulatory Reform
Formula rule making is new. <a href="/sites/aiu/MAP/Documents/SB1652RegulatoryReform.pdf" target="blank">Compare the old with the new model</a>.
A New Law
The <a href=""target="blank">Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act</a> will update the electric system.
Learn About SmartGrid
<a href=""target ="blank">Investing in technology</a> will make the electric system more reliable.
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