Employee Sustainability at Ameren

Ameren’s sustainability champion program was created for employees to communicate ideas and recommend sustainable practices in the workplace.

Several initiatives have been successfully demonstrated in this program, including:
  • Installed signs "Please use revolving doors if you are able" on the entrance doors to the General Office Building.
  • Ameren Training Center is considering the purchase of Virtual Welding machines to teach welding without the use of shield gas, welding electrodes or weld coupons. This will minimize material waste and a reduction in overall energy consumption will be realized.
  • Established a Sustainability Pledge.
  • Replaced the exterior lighting fixtures at the General Office Building with more efficient lighting.
  • Focus on Safety through the development and execution of a Safety Action Plan.
  • Encourage the use of paperless customer billing and payroll statements.
  • Donating used safety boots to Shoemanwater.org, a local nonprofit organization that collects the shoes for distribution to developing countries. 
  • Single-stream recycling that allows employees to place aluminum, plastic, cardboard, ink cartridges and other commonly used materials into a single recycling container.  
  • Offering employees home recycling in some facilities. 
  • Purchasing recycled paper.
Sustainability champions continue to find new and innovative ways to expand Ameren’s sustainability practices in daily operations.
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