Day Ahead Pricing used for billing RTP and HSS service.
Ameren Illinois, All Rate Zones
Day-Ahead Prices in Dollars/KWH

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Day-Ahead Prices in Dollars/KWH (Download)

Day-Ahead Prices refreshed by 5:30 p.m daily.
Prices subject to change pending final MISO review.

Date Hour Price

The prices shown above represent the wholesale hourly energy price.

During CST, the price for 11 pm – 12 am will not be available until the following day.

As a reminder, your total monthly bill for hourly-priced service will include not only the hourly wholesale energy price, but also the Supplier Charge, Ancillary Services Energy Cost, Renewable Energy Compliance Cost, Market Settlement Cost and any applicable distribution system losses. View current listing of the charges applicable to your hourly-priced energy service.

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