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Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project

Improving energy reliability in your community

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI), in collaboration with the City of Highland, is proposing the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project to improve energy reliability for local customers in Madison, Clinton and St. Clair counties. This project includes the construction of a new approximately 15-mile 138 kV transmission line to connect the existing Aviston substation in Clinton County, Illinois to a new Sursee substation to be built in Highland, Illinois. It includes upgrading the Aviston substation and will strengthen our grid by creating an additional pathway of energy.

New projects, like the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project, help us serve, support and invest in our local and regional communities’ future energy needs.

Our goal is to have this project completed and providing reliable energy to the community by the end of 2025.



Project Overview

Project Routing & Public Process

Ameren Selects Preferred Route, Files Application with Illinois Commerce Commission

ATXI filed the Preferred Route for the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on April 5, 2023. Our application is filed under project case number 23-0299 (also called a docket number). You can use this docket number to follow the case on the ICC website, as it goes through the application process as well as submit public comments to the ICC. We anticipate a decision from the ICC later this fall.

Landowners along the route will receive notification letters from ATXI and the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). If the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) is approved, easement negotiations with landowners along the route will begin soon after. Our goal is to have this new line in service and providing benefits to the local community by December 2025.

Interactive Project Map

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Sursee Aviston interactive map screenshot.

Sursee-Aviston Transmission Preferred Route

Get a high-level overview of the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project Preferred Route.
View Preferred Route PDF

For a high-level overview of the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project area, view the PDF below.
View Study Area Map



Project Benefits

The Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project will benefit the local area by:

  • Providing reliable energy for the City of Highland and Madison, Clinton and St. Clair County areas
  • Improving resiliency to minimize power outage impacts to local communities
  • Strengthening the energy grid by creating an additional pathway of energy
  • Reinforcing local distribution electric service for homes, businesses and agricultural customers
  • Supporting continued area economic growth

Public and Stakeholder Involvement

We realize a large infrastructure project such as this may be challenging for our customers, and we are committed to working with the communities along the route to make the process as smooth as possible. ATXI is developing the Sursee-Aviston Transmission Project in a collaborative manner with landowners, community officials and agencies to develop a constructible route that minimizes impacts. To that end, we have designed a public engagement program to be responsive and considerate of public feedback.

Community Forums

ATXI hosted three Community Representative Forums in late September where insight was gathered from local community representatives, governing agencies, civic organizations and other community leaders. Information collected during these forums was taken into consideration by the project siting team. Other factors reviewed by the siting team include land use, cultural resources, safety, reliability, cost, natural resources, visual resources and more.

Open Houses

We held two rounds of public open houses, in October and December 2022, to introduce the study area and its many benefits to the impacted communities. During these meetings, subject matter experts from different departments of Ameren (such as engineering, real estate, siting, environmental, safety and construction) were available to answer questions about the project and collect public feedback. This feedback was carefully considered by our siting team as they worked to design a constructible route for the line. The open houses were held in Clinton, Madison and St. Clair counties. During the first round of open houses, a series of potential route segments under consideration were presented. The second round of open houses displayed a map showing a range of route alternatives. Input collected during these open houses was factored into the selection of the Preferred Route.

Tentative Project Schedule

The project schedule below will be updated as major milestones are met. All items listed are pending regulatory approvals. Schedule is subject to change.
  • Gather public and agency input through three Community Representative Forums and six Public Open Houses
  • Route siting studies
  • Final route(s) identified
  • Engineering and permitting
  • File route(s) with Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)
  • Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity (CPCN) Decision
  • Environmental surveys and permitting
  • Easement acquisition process
  • Preconstruction activities
  • Construction
  • Project in service (December 2025)

Resources & Contact Information

We have a designated project hotline and email address that the public can use to get in touch with members of our project team. Download the Sursee-Aviston Fact Sheet (PDF). Have a question for our team? Please contact us using one of the methods below.


833.4.SURSEE (833.478.7733)


1901 Chouteau Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

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